Ice Dam Removal

If you own a residential or commercial property in Ontario, then chances are you're no stranger to harsh winter weather. If you're in need of ice dam treatment for your home or place of business, we are on hand to help protect your property's roof—no matter your roof type.

What is an Ice Dam?

An ice dam is formed when a buildup of snow melts and runs down the roof, refreezing in the gutters and forming a blockage. Roof melt causes these ice dams, which can be a big issue for homeowners. Over time, ice dams can cause leaks and damage to the eaves of your house. Fortunately, the team at Ollie’s Roofing offers a number of ice dam solutions, including roof snow removal.


Our goal is to not only promptly address problems related to ice dams, but to work towards preventing ice dams from occurring in the first place, whenever possible. Safeguard the integrity of your roof’s construction with ice dam removal from Ollie's Roofing.


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