Natural light will always be the crème de la crème of lighting, so why not think of bringing some of that into your home? Skylights (or Sun Tunnels) create a positive vibe in your indoor spaces by inviting the sun’s natural light into your home.

Skylight Installations

Ollie’s Roofing employs certified Velux skylight installers. Since we always hold ourselves to the highest quality standards, we only use Velux skylights. This means homeowners get superior services using superior skylights.

Ideally, the best time to be installing a skylight is at the same time as your roof. It tends to be easier for both yourself and the roofers. However, sometimes you just want to replace your skylight without redoing the whole roof, and that is something we also offer. If you are installing a skylight, this is a great opportunity to assess the condition of your roof as well!

Why Install a Skylight?

Dreaming of those starlit nights and blue skies without having to go outside? Skylights allow you to have those picturesque moments on a daily basis in your own home.

There are so many reasons to install a skylight, but the most important one is to cut down on your energy costs. Since you will be using natural lighting in spaces that usually require a lot of artificial lighting, you will saves you money on your utility bills in the long term. At the same time, you will be reducing your environmental footprint! It’s simply a win-win situation.

A skylight is one small thing you can add to your home to boost its overall value significantly. It is both a functional and an aesthetically pleasing feature, and it attracts buyers for that reason alone.

Let your indoor spaces be flooded with gorgeous and warm natural light during the day, and lit up by the stars at night.